Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machine is a equipment ,that is used to make tattoos and designs.there are various kinds of tattoo machines . Tattoos are the permanent marking on the skin with indelible ink .there are many tattoo machines .modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils for the movement of armature bar to up and down.
Linear and shaders are the most common machines.

Tattoo machines

1.Rotary Tattoo machines
2.Coil Tattoo Machines
3.Linear Tattoo Machines
4.Shader Tattoo Machines
5.Pneumatic Tattoo Machines

How a tattoo machine works ?

There are many equipment as well realted to the tattoo machines . they are:

  • Tattoo  Machine
  • Tattoo  INk
  • Medical Supply
  • Needles
  • Tubes and Grips
  • Tattoo Hits
  • Power and Accessories
  • guide Book or education


How to made a tattoo machine at home ?

Parts of Tattoo Machines

tattoo machines



Tattoo machines can be used for the shader machines, Tattoo machine  is perfect for the  portrait work. Tattoo Machines are categorised into two varieties ,long stroke and short stroke  ,long stroke tattoo machine is used for the shading and colouring and sclupting lines .  Shorter-stroke machines are commonly used for lining in a single pass style, black such as would be found in portraits. Length, width, tension, angle, and stiffness of the spring varies the functionality of the machine.long stroke machine is better for the client ‘s skin .its less painful w.r.t. to short stroke tattoo machine .