Brock Lesnar Tattoos

brock lesnar
smowtion_size = "300x250"; smowtion_ad_client = "SMWT-1-00005097-011-01-140916-2"; BROCK LESNAR THE BEAST ,Brock Lesnar is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, known for his work with UFC and WWE.He leaves the wwe and go to UFC .He won championship title there .he is the champ... more →
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Dave Batista’s Tattoos

batista tattoos
DAVE BATISTA David Michael Bautista, Jr. (born January 18, 1969), better known by his ring name, Batista, is an American professional wrestler . Dave Batista known as the animal in the world of wwe.,was a wildly popular American professional wrestler who is part of the World Wrestling Entertainment on the SmackDown brand. In... more →
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