Olympic Tattoo designs

olympian get tattoos as their pride and honour for their country.olympics tattoo designs are great in looks and they really gives a awesome looks .many olympians having many types of tattoos on their body some of which are related to olympic games .these olympis tattoos are having 5 circles interconnected to each other ..it is said that it is the combination of 5 countries who made olympic game .

Olympic symbol as tattoo design

olympic tattoo designs

Olympic tattoo design on swimmer

olympic tattoos

U.S. Olympic track cyclist Adam Duvendeck

olympic tattoo designs

Olympic tattoo designs

olympics tattoo design

Eric Shanteau Tattoo design

olympians tattoo designs

olympic tattoo design on thigs

olympic tattoo design

USA’s Garrett Lowney tattoos

olympic tattoos designs

olympic tattoo design on foot

olympic tattoo designs

Nathalia Sanchez of Colombia tattoos

olympic tattoos

USA’s Rudy Garcia Tolson tattoos

rudy garcia tolson tattoos

olympic tattoo design

olympic 2012

American archer Khatuna Lorig tattoos

archer khatuna lorig tattoos

olympic tattoo design

olympic tattoos

Linda Zublin of switzerland

linda zublin tattoos

American hurdler Joanna Hayes tattoos

joanna hayes tattoos

Bryan Clay tattoos

bryan clay tattoos

these tattoos showing the love of athletes with olympic and show that love with their countries .these olympians choose tattoos according to their game ,which they plays like pheleps having a dolphin design with olympic rings.they choose tattoo design for a perfect places ,like on back ,on hands ,on sleeve,on foots.etc.

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