Mike Tyson Tattoos


mike tyson tattoos

the retired boxer Mike Tyson ,with a glorious proffessional carreer full of victories and scandals.He is the winner of his time .today he still having holds the world record in being the youngest boxer to win WBC ,WBA ,and IBF heavyweight little being only 20 years,.
he is the world heavyweight champion .the first title he won that was an undisputated victory in his 19 fights.in that 12 of them are were knockout in the first round of the match.

MIke Tyson Tattoos

The famous boxer Mike tyson having many of tattoos on his body .the famous tattoo of the mike tyson that is his face tattoos which show a tribal tattoo and this tattoo covers a part of his face .
this tattoo is unique in design .this become a trademark for the tyson .this tattoo is very special for the tyson even the people says that his fans wouldn’t be able to recognise him without his facial tattoo.
there are five others tattoos of mike tyson that he demonstrated to public.
The Facial Triabl Tattoo of MIke Tyson

Chiness Leader Mao ‘s face Tattoo on Right Arm of Tyson

mao tattoo of mike tyson

mike tyson mao tattoo

This is a leader from china “MAO” ‘s face tatto on his right arms.

Face of “ARTHUR ASHE” on left arm of Tyson

artheu ashe tattoo of mike tyson

mike tyson tattoos

“Che Guevara” Tattoo On Stomatch of Tyson

che guevera tattoo  of mike tyson

che guavera tattoo of mike tyson

“Monica Turner ” tattoo on Left forearm of Tyson

mike tyson 's monica turner tattoo

“Dre Drocher ” Image tattoo on right forearm of Tyson

dre drocher tattoo of  mike tyson

Dr. Stu design for mike tyson tattoo design on hangover part II .

mike tyson tattoos

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