Justin Bieber Tattoos

Jutin Bieber the famous celebrity in the world of singing of pop music .he is 18 years ald now and he is also having many tattoo on his body but all of they are very samll and they are really as a tattoo designs.Justin Biebers first tattoo is small bird tattooed on his left hip, the same first tattoo as his father.

1. A bird on his hip.

justin bieber bird tattoo design and meaning

Justin Bieber at the age of 16 got his first tattoo, that of an outline of a dove. It seems that it is a family tradition to get inked at the age of 16. It is noted that members of his family also have been inked with the same design.His dad having same dove tattoo design.

2. A Hebrew ribcage tattoo.

justin bieber tattoos

Bieber recently got a tattoo on his left ribcage. Beiber’s new tattoo is written vertically just below the star’s left armpit and reads “Yeshua,” which means “Jesus” in Hebrew. Justin Bieber and his dad got the matching Hebrew tattoos during Bieber’s “My World” tour in Israel this past April.

3. A portrait of Jesus on his leg.

portrait of jesus on justin bieber 's leg

Justin Bieber now has two religious tattoos, the newest being his latest Jesus tattoo on his leg. Justin Bieber LOVES him some Jesus!

4. He has praying hands on his left leg.

justin bieber tattoos

praying hands tattoo of justin bieber

Justin Bieber got a new tattoo of a pair of praying hands inked on his leg, which he revealed on March 11, 2012. Justin Bieber’s praying hands tattoo is inked in black and white on his left calf,

5. “Believe” is inked on his arm.

justin bieber tattoos

Justin Bieber’s Believe tattoo is a tribute to his new album, “Believe,” According to Bieber, the release of his new album was an important day for him, and he decided to immortalize the occasion in a permanent arm tattoo. Justin Bieber isn’t the first singer to get an album title inked on his body though. “Believe” is Justin Bieber’s third studio album, featuring the hit single “Boyfriend,” which has topped the HOT100 Billboard charts since its official release earlier this year.

6. His latest one, a Japanese symbol for “music

justin bieber tattoos

The new tattoo is the Japanese Kanji symbol for music. The new ink sits opposite the ‘Believe’ tattoo on his left arm.

Justin bieber fake star tattooo on his elbow

justin bieber ' fake tattoo

Justin Bieber’s fake tattoo was a thick outline of a five-point star covering his entire elbow and slightly extending onto the back of his left tricep and forearm.this is a fake tattoo ..he used to make during a concert ..

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