LIst Of Tattoo Studios In Gurgaon

tattoo studios in delhi
In GurGaon There are a number of Tattoo Studios are available tattoo studio is available . Here is a list of Tattoo Studios present in gurgaon . 1 . Funky Monkey 2 . Tags : tattoo studios,tattoo studios in gurgaon,best tattoo studios in gurgaon ,best tattoo studio,tattoo studio in gurgaon,tattoo studios available in gurgaon , more →
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List Of Tattoo Studios In Mumbai

tattoo studio in mumbai
1 : Inked Tattoos, Dahisar West 2 : Dyes & Kurls, MG Road 3 : Live-Ink Tattoo & Piercing .Kalina 4 : Body Canvas, Waterfield Road 5 : Xperience Salon, Thane West 6 : Harsha & Rakesh Professionnel, Lokhandwala 7 : Eternal Expression Tattoos &…, 7 Bungalows 8 : Als Tattoo Studio, Hill Road 9 : Leo Tattoos 10... more →
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Criminal Tattoos and Meanings

criminal tattoos
Tattoos are the designs which people used to make for enhance their body’s beauty.there are so many tattoos amd designs for every kinds of categories.but there are so many reasons behind tattoos that criminal and gangsters are mostly used tattoos ¬†on body with a pattern and design.these are ¬†indicators to identify the person... more →
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How Tattoo Machines works

tattoo machine working
It is very necessery to understand the working of a tattoo machines ,that how a tattoo machines works , when it works to applying a tattoo on the body ,how needles of the machines pinch into the skin and how the armature works during a tattoo to understand the movement of machines coils . simply working of Tattoo machine A tattoo... more →
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How To Make a Tattoo Machine at Home

home made tattoo machine
We can make a tattoo gun at home with some simple equipments. there are some tools used to make a tattoo gun . 1) scissors/knife 2) screwdriver 3) pliers MATERIALS 1) Sticky tape 2) The ink tube from the pen 3) A pen 4) Piece of wire 5) Piece of bent metal 6) Ball pump 7) Screw 8) Needle 9) Button 10) Glue 11) Electric motor procedure... more →
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Is Tattoos Harmfull For Skin or Not ?

tattooing health risks
Today ‘s People get tattoos on their body parts for that cause they can look for something new and adventurous in their life, and they think a tattoo will bring that for them . People get tattoos on their boddies ,to looking cool and enhance the personality .But some times its not going as well as we think .there may be some... more →
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