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Brad Pitt:

brad pitt tattoos

The famous hollywood personality Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s golden boys; the star of Oceans 11, Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and World War Z has had one of the most successful careers in the history of the big screen.His debut was in 1991 in Thelma & Louise road movie where he played a cowboy hitchhiker. The next role became the first leading role in a big-budget movie his career. The movie was called A River Runs Through It and appeared in 1992.

his highly publicized romance with fellow superstar Angelina Jolie. his body art reflects this. Brad Pitt has three tattoos, two on the back of his left forearm,

one on his right kidney area. His forearm work is an outline of Ötzi the Iceman , and a quote in German that translates to “absurdities of the existence”…

here is the images of brad pitt’s tattoos:::


Map of new Orlan

brad pitt tattoos


brad pitt 's tattoos

Brad Pitt tattoo is found on the lower back and represents map of the New Orleans.but it’s not a map of New Orleans. It is just a bunch of scribbles that Angelina drew on his back one night when they were playing around. Angelina said he liked the lines and decided to get them tattooed on him. There are also reports of Brad having another tattoo on his back that is a Sanskrit blessing of protection for his adopted son Maddox, that matches a similar tattoo on Angelina’s body.

Absurdites de l’existence” written on near elbow

brad pitt 's tattoos

brad pitt's tattoos

Another one of Brad’s tattoo is of Angelina’s birth date written in Khmer and it says 06/4/75. Which can be found on his stomach.

6-4-1975 wriiten on stomatch

brad pitt 's tattoos


brad pitt 's tattoos

brad pitt 's tattoos

Brad also has a picture of Otzi the iceman on his forearm…

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